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Walami Trail

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Walami Trail is a beautiful trail located on the eastern section of the Batongguan Historical Trail. Tourists can enjoy a pleasant and easy hike in eastern Taiwan simply by taking a train to Yuli Town in Huanlien County. About 5 hours of walking, about 14 kilometers from the entrance, you will reach Walami Cabin / Campground for overnight camping, but make sure to apply in advance due to limited campground capacity (as seen on

There are 5 suspension bridges along the way, you might find it a mix of scary yet thrilling when crossing the swaying bridges. What’s more exciting is that you will see various wildlife and plants during the hike, try to embrace the beauty of nature, as hiking in a subtropical forest is a special experience that Walami Trail offers like no other.

Shark head stone

Martes flavigula

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